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Participation in Art and Culture Events

The Art Lending Service in Sodankylä

The Artists ́ Association of Laplanad provides art lending services in Sodankylä in May and June 2012. Touring art lending service is availabe in Sodankylä until the end of Midnight Sun Film Festival, 17.6.2012.


Photo: Helena Junttila, Modesty, 2011

The Silence Festival

The Silence Festival for performing arts is an art event in Kaukonen, in Kittilä, in the beautiful and exotic Villa Magia. Festival invites artists to get together to discuss, make friends and form new collaborations in a peaceful and inspiring surrounding. The title of the festival “Silence” gives the impression of peace and quietness. On the other hand the word festival evokes the idea of a herd of jubilant people. The tension between the two words makes the Silence Festival. Festival is process by Agit Zirk association for circus arts and music.

The Artists ́ Association of Lapland contributes to the event by creating an installation to the village. The installation will be made by Tom Engblom, Ninni Korkalo, Tuomas Korkalo and Esa Meltaus.

Photos of the installation.

Festival Home Page.

Oranki Art

The Oranki Environmental Art Park is located north of the town of Pello in western Lapland. The exhibition has a collection of over 40 artworks by Finnish and international artists. Many of the artists are members of Artists Association of Lapland. Most of the artworks are made of materials found in the forest of the exhibition area: wood, trees, and stone emerge out of the birch and pine forest. Some of the artworks last for a few years while the others are made to last just for a season.

The Oranki Environmental Art Park is run by the Oranki Art Association. New artworks have been created to the Park every year since the year 2000. The selection of artists is based on an open call for applications.

The Artists ́ Association of Lapland has established collaboration with the Oranki Art Association at 2012. We help with the maintenance of the artworks and have our recreational meetings at the Park

More information:
Oranki Art ry
, Tuomas Korkalo, +358 44 5358744, tuomas.korkalo(at)

River Lights Fire Sculpting event

Members of Artists' Association of Lapland have made fire sculptures for the River Lights festival since 2001.

According to the name, River Lights is held by the Kemijoki River. The freezing river bank has an essential role in the themes of River Lights. River Lights welcome the winter and the dark heart of the year. It is also a rite of passage in the form of contemporary art.

Fire sculptures are made by artists, students, school pupils and other associations and communities, including professional artists, art enthusiasts, children, and young people. The event unites town folk in Rovaniemi and brings art to the people who rarely encounter it.

Photos of the sculptures by the Association

River Lights Home

Rovaniemi Design Week

Open office, art lending services, and public trainings with Performing Arts Centre Lapland, Art Group Monitaideyhdistys Piste and Agit-Cirk.


IHME s an annual event dedicated to contemporary art. The key elements of the festival are the IHME Project - a work from an international artist to be carried out in public space - and the IHME Days, "days for art" .

In 2012 Heart Archive by Christian Boltanski was seen in Helsinki, Rovaniemi, Vaasa and Joensuu.

AORTAS Art Group - Leila Lipiäinen, Ninni Korkalo and Tuomas Korkalo, made a public sculpture for the festival program. Testament was seen on the yard of Lappia-House. In addition, psychiatric Jorma Laitinen gave a lecture, "Heart Wisdom" at Gallery Napa.

Photo is a detail of the Testament by AORTAS Art Group.


The Pororaito project aimed to increase the attractiveness of Rovaniemi through art and design. The project was led by Cultural Services in Rovaniemi in collaboration with The Artists ́Association of Lapland.

Photo: Sculpture by Tom Engblom.