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Isa Rusava & Laura Tahvanainen


Kairatie 3, 96100 ROVANIEMI
Opening hours

Tue–Thurs 12–18h,

Fr 11–17h, Sat 12–16h

Printmaking art in Studio Mustanapa!           

Essays of humanity –duo exhibition investigates humanity through black and grey lithography and woodblock prints. Behind the exhibition are starting artists Laura Tahvanainen and Ida Rusava. 

Opening ceremony is on Friday 15.3.2019 18.00 in Studio Mustanapa. Welcome!

The exhibition is open from 16.3 to 10.4.2019. Free entry.

Humanity is what connects us. Still every small individual has their very own big world, like a fantasy, which has some connection points to reality. Each person is the only thinker of his/hers world. Someone said that we should accept in someone especially that what we don’t really understand. Weirdness in me, weirdness in you.  Being a stranger is not madness!

Time passes by learning how to live, searching for truth, searching the balance between belonging and loneliness. Sometimes we try to be everything what we really are not, still admiring those who are brave enough to be exactly who they are.  Do we have the courage to look ourselves in to the eyes, think good, look at the others and face them? Where is that golden midway, the place where I am stable and secure? We don’t always see happy endings.  Uncertainty of life pines us, we miss something that is sustainable. But still, with all the odd features we have, we all are deserved our halos. This is the way that life is meant to be.

In the exhibition Laura investigates humanity in her symbolic way. Laura is brave, quick and expressive young artist, whose works accosts also on deeper levels.

 Ida’s interests are around themes of community and loneliness. She creates a world where people live together in good but also tough times. Ida has an ability to bring vibrant movement, joy and life to her works. She uses line in a brave and open-minded way.

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