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Simi Susanna Ruotsalainen & Johanna Ruotsalainen


Studio Mustanapa 4.5. – 29.5.2019

Opening ceremony is on Friday 3.5.2019 18.00 in Studio Mustanapa. Welcome!


Kairatie 3, 96100 ROVANIEMI
Opening hours

Tue–Thurs 12–18h,

Fr 11–17h, Sat 12–16h

Simi Susanna Ruotsalainen & Johanna Ruotsalainen: 



Media art piece What they say works with media speech and on how different operators give statements and reports from their own positions. Since there is no one truth, media audiences should follow different communicators to get the overall view of the big picture. The case presented in the artwork is Arctic Railway plan and related reports and statements give the words and speech to artwork. At the same time artists raise the questions of what Northerness means in decision making processes done elsewhere and do local communities have any voice in those conversations.

The exhibition is open from 4.5 to 29.5.2019. Free entry.