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Irina Havaste-Ukkola


Artist of the Month

Korundi House of Culture, Rovaniemi

Tuesday-Sunday at 11-18

Sydän auki (Heart open). 21 cm x 30 cm, 2014.

Irina Havaste-Ukkola, born 1975, is a painter, graduated from The Free Art School in 2008. She moved to Rovaniemi from Helsinki in 2011 to study art education in The University of Lapland.

In Korundi we will see the series called Heart open. In the small works oil paint is accompanied by the drawing trace of oil pastel. The main issue in these paintings is color but it might also turn into recognizable picture which shows us a glint of a landscape. Havaste-Ukkola writes: “Color for me is a necessity during the dark time. I paint colors to full fill my need to see light. I paint my own light and shadows, landscape to or of my mind, with an open heart.”

This series took part to the 25th anniversary exhibition of Artists’ Association of Lapland, called “How to Read In The Dark” in Joensuu, Tarto and Berlin in 2015.

Havaste-Ukkola aims for an interesting image with the significance of line and color and the atmosphere they create. The working process is often not planned and takes the artist into unforeseeable directions. The starting point for a painting can be a plant or something else recognizable, but also a feeling and color associated to it.

Havaste-Ukkola is a member of Painters’ Union and Artists’ Association of Lapland.

+358 41 530 8655