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Kazuko Kizawa


Korundi House of Culture
Lapinkävijäntie 4
Open Tue-Wed, Fri-Sun 11-18, Thu 11-20


"I listened to the song called Kesäyö a couple of days ago. It was a song given to me as a listening task at the Finnish language class. The song has a very beautiful melody line and the sound of the Finnish language fitted in with it beautifully. I ended up listening to the song over and over, and I memorized the chorus instantly. I think I’ll be able to sing this song at karaoke very soon.

Kesäyö, which is sung about in this song, refers to the summer night light of Helsinki and Southern Finland. It is a twilight that lasts from after sunset to before sunrise. It feels like the twilight will go on forever, and the sense of time is almost lost. I have experienced this light a couple of times in Southern Finland. It is a little poetic, a dreamy time. On the other hand, on a white night in Lapland there is no sign of night at all. I almost forget the darkness of night. People call it yötön yö, which means 'night without night.'

In Finland, there is another time called sininen hetki (“blue moment”). The time seems to differ a bit according to the region, but people use this expression to refer to the light from the end of autumn to winter. Everything is covered with beautiful blue light at that time. People's lives take place amid such changing light.

The exhibition features a video and photo works using summer light in Lapland. The works incorporate the physical phenomena of light. I hope that these works will inspire viewers to think about colour and light as well as time and space."

Kazuko Kizawa is visual artist from Japan, currently living and working in Lapland. She has been constantly pursuing the possibilities of colour and light in her work. She graduated from Tama University of Arts Graduate School with an MFA in 1999. Her work has been exhibited in Japan, Europe, North America and Oceania.