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Jäneste laul - The Song of the Rabbits

Sylvilagus as Nina Maria Veini is a fine artist and a librarian in Nordic mobile library from Rovaniemi and Muonio. She has processed rabbit subject in her art for many years. Sylvilagus is from latin, ”Sylvilagus Europaeus”, it means cotton tailed rabbit.

In this exhibiton is shown acrylic paintings by alla prima method, all paintings are finished at once. The world of colours of the orange rabbits follow the Finnish modernist and surrealist painter Otto Mäkilä´s painting” Poesie”.

The drawings of the exhibitons are made by pencile and deawing ink. In drawings is seen a quiet rabbit developed by artist, this rabbit expresses subject, which wont´t be said. Silent rabbit dresses up sometimes in a islander´s traditional pullover, sometimes it wears an Asian kind of a dress, which has roots in the historical backround of the rabbit as a moon animal in Asian mythology.

Rabbit caracters are productsof the artist´s imagination, they don´t use to follow too tight rules for composition or symbolics. Sylvilagus doesn´t try to reach perfection, in her works are allowed to be visible scratches of the crayon or the marks of the erased pencile´s lines.

Sylvilagus workedbefore as a industrial photographer i.a. In Netherland, France and Finland, she worked also as a photography artist. Sylvilagus changed her tool to painting and studied library and information afer an allergy for photography chemicals. She is i.a. a Master of arts and a Bachelor of photography art

In the creative prosess of rabbits Sylvilagus uses her synestesia as a tool. In ateljé it`s playing always a music, which is selected to each pourpose, most often it is reanaissance or baroc.

In October 2018 Sylvilagus will show more of her production in Rovaniemi, in Artists´Associantion of Lapland´s Gallery Napa. The becoming exhibiton shows interpretations of humanized rabbits by acrylic paintings and pencile and ink drawings.