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Marjo Hyttinen


Korundi House of Culture
Lapinkävijäntie 4
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The Beauty of Sorrow

The Artist of the Month at Korundi in September is Marjo Hyttinen.

In the series of artwork the artist is looking for the essence of sorrow. The visual language of expression is spontaneous, focused and strong. The technique is Ink on paper.

”At this time of life, I am sensing the experiences that the circle of life is taking from and giving back to me.
The essence of sorrow is a follow up to what life first and foremost is: strength and energy.
Bottomless sorrow and is crushing me/us down. But is it possible that sorrow at some point will equal beauty, that gently cherishes me/us. When does sorrow become a friend? A friend that you can turn to for comfort?
The theme of my art work is The Beauty of Sorrow.” (Marjo Hyttinen)

In artistic expression Hyttinen concentrates on photography, graphic arts and painting. Previously the artist worked on rough beauty and documentation. Now her inspiration comes from the circle of life.