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Seija Ulkuniemi


Korundi House of Culture
Lapinkävijäntie 4


Tue-Wed, Fri-Sun 11-18, Thu 11-20



Made me laugh. 

Made me cry. 


And even more.1


She, who no longer exists

here on the Earth. 


I calmed down to meditate: 

to remember her, 

to draw 

her traits.


I let the feelings 

To paraphrase J. Karjalainen


Photographer/artist Seija Ulkuniemi is born and lives in Lapland. Her art deals with the multitude facets of being a human. She has explored family photography and made installations connected with this theme. Ulkuniemi has also dedicated her works to those she respects, as mothers, her own father, workers and Kemijoki-river. 

Ulkuniemi's artworks often include some educational perspective and texts that open the themes of the works. Ulkuniemi often takes a stand with her artworks. For example, she has challenged our garbage mania, attitudes towards knowledge, constant hurry and intolerance. She hopes to bring understanding among different philosophies of life. Even though Ulkuniemi sometimes deals with heavy themes, she says about her working style: "Primarily, though, playfulness is my guiding light in art."

When working with the loss after the deaths of her loved ones, Ulkuniemi has tried phototherapy-like photographing with the english artist Rosy Martin. In Korundi exhibition there is on display - in addition to charcoal drawings - one photograph that came into being in "the grieving ceremonies". 

Artists' Association of Lapland presents Seija Ulkuniemi as the Artist of the May. Ulkuniemi's charcoal drawings and a photograph are on display in Korundi cafe from 1st to 28th of May 2019.

You are welcomed to meet artist personally on Thursday 9th May in Korundi after 6 p.m.

Photo: Rosy Martin, 2018

Contact: seija.ulkuniemi(at)