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Risto Immonen


Korundi House of Culture
Lapinkävijäntie 4

Tue-Wed: 11 - 18
Thu: 11-20
Fri-Sun: 11-18
Mon: closed

Risto Immonen is a professional sculptor, living and working in Muurola, Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland. By profession he is an arts and crafts teacher, master blacksmith and a self-made sculptor.

Immonen has been working at his own workshop since 1982. His primary materials are steel, stainless steel, copper and wood, sometimes stone. The sculptures’ are mainly born by forging; by hammering hot burning iron to its form, giving the piece its structure and texture.

The sculptures’ abstract forms and subjects speak about life, phenomena, current topics and problems. The national culture, literature and shapes themselves are present in the works.

Immonen has taken part in numerous private and shared exhibitions in Finland and abroad. He has also been involved in several sculpture symposiums around the world, in China, Russia, Japan, USA and various European countries.

Many of his public sculptures can be seen around Lapland, Finland and symposiums  and exhibitions around the world.

He has worked as a teacher in the arts faculty of The University of Lapland.