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Ilona Kivijärvi


Artist of the Month

Korundi House of Culture, Rovaniemi

Tuesday-Sunday at 11-18

"Since I was a child I have felt the inner world, the invisible reality. I remember how I woke up in my thoughts. That is why I became an artist. For me art means language and communication.

I use techniques of my own and style that I have developed over the years. I work with colors, textiles, sculptures, and performance art.

I connect different materials and techniques. For example, when working with pictures, I can use birch veneer, dressing cloth, felt, pigment, yarns. When working with sculptures, materials are practically the same, plus fleece, horsehair, fibers, and felting. I find inspiration from the materials and color itself. 

I start creating by thinking, looking, and drawing. Depending on my visions I will continue from the form of art to materials, colors and other aspects of the work. For the performances I will design the story including my clothes, sound effects, lights and other tools. Collaboration with other professionals, as with sound editors and photographers is important.

I am interested in the light, the nature, small drops inside the huge space around us in the universe, human being, our minds and sound in the body. Art treasures in the history and contemporary art are important for me as well."