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Terhi Silenius


Artist of the Month

Korundi House of Culture, Rovaniemi

Everyday at 11-18


Terhi Silenius (b. 1977 in Oulu) has a college degree in visual arts from South-Carelian polytechnics art department. Currently she studies in the University of Lapland in Applied visual arts masters program. Silenius has participated in joint and group exhibitions in Finlad and abroad.

 Photographic works of Terhi Silenius were created of thinking over the essence of time in spiritually and eternally young, but physically aging and decaying Paris. Silenius worked in Paris for four months in the summer of 2012 at Cité Internationale des Arts artists residency.

 The exhibition is a depiction of the intermediate state - of the life in between the history and future. And of the time that can not be stopped, which inevitably proceeds, comes towards, is present, and moves away to be disappearred again out of the reach.

 On show in Korundi is two series of photographs of the exhibition in which the gaze of the camera is focused into the continuous state of change of the vanishing beauty: to the walls illustrated by time passing by, stairways of Paris that odor like history and to the walls of old houses which decaying surfaces give the faces to different time periods and centuries.