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Stig Olav Tony Fredriksson


Artist of the Month

Korundi House of Culture, Rovaniemi

Everyday at 11-18

Stig Olav Tony Fredrikson (born 1979) is painter and graffiti artist from Sweden. In Sandviken, the young Stig Olav expressed expressed himself through graffiti art and as an activist and singer of a hardcore/punk band. Ever since he has been involved with politically controversial issues concerning society, which can be traced through his artworks. In 2002 he moved to Oslo, lived in occupied house and made graffiti and street art. He had his debut exhibition in 2010. He moved to Rovaniemi with his family in 2012. He has a studio in an artists' collective in Rovaniemi. He has had solo exhibitions in Finland, Sweden and Norway and has participated in joint exhibitions and art projects in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Russia.