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Eero Österberg


Artist of the Month

Korundi House of Culture, Rovaniemi

Every day at 11-18

"I didn’t choose art, art chose me. But things happened differently in my life: to earn my living, I work as an art teacher, and a part-time artist.

I paint with aquarelle, acrylic and oil paints on paper, canvas, MDF board and panel. Occasionally I cut fibreboards into different shapes and sculpt large pieces of glued timber.   

As a painter, I express myself with colors even when I tell a story with a figurative image. Sometimes you don’t even need a story, the experience is all you need. My own life, the births of my children and grandchildren, and the deaths of my relatives give depth into my works—even when I paint landscapes. I often perceive nature as human; man is part of the nature with his diseases, disabilities and limitations.

After all, there are only two main themes: faith and life. I paint, therefore I live."