Elisa Alaluusua

Elisa Alaluusua grew up in Finnish Lapland and now lives in London where she works in the field of drawing using paper as well as video.

She finds inspiration from the extremes of quiet country living in her home village, Luusua, on the family reindeer farm and life in London.

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Jouko Alapartanen

Jouko Alapartanen (born in 1970, Tornio).

Alapartanen is a visual artist who graduated from Lapland Art School in 1992. He has been a full-time visual artist since 1993.

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Dr. Maria Huhmarniemi is an artist and a teacher in the University of Lapland, Faculty of Art and Design.

In her work as a visual artist, she engages with questions concerning the North and environmental issues such as the relationship between people and nature and environmental responsibility.

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Raija Aula

Raija Aula (born 1947) is an artist image maker.

I work at home. My media covers wood engraving, traditional methods and digital drawing.

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John Court

John Court is a performance and installation artist who moved to Finland in 1997, and lives and works in Lapland.

He has exhibited extensively and has been invited to perform at major art events. He works in the medium of performance, sculpture, drawing, prints, video and books.

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Misha del Val

I am a Kittilä-based artist, writer and independent curator.

I grew up in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain and completed my degree in Fine Arts at Basque Country University in 2003. I lived and worked as an artist in Australia from 2003 to 2013, where I continued my studies at the College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, in Sydney, 2009. Since 2014, I live and work in Kittilä, Finland.

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Aino Eeronheimo

Aino Eeronheimo is a sculptor, ceramic artist and visual art teacher (M.A.)

She has graduated from University of Lapland and has lived, studied and worked in Nothern Finland most of her life. After 18 years of teaching art in Rovaniemi she wanted to focus on making art. She has been working as a full-time visual artist in Helsinki since 2019.

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Tom Engblom

Living in Rovaniemi, Finland, Tom Engblom works within the concepts of the Still Life. Binding symbolic values of objects within his still life artworks, Engblom creates a visual game that leads to new and unpredictable contents and levels of interpretations.

Engblom has exhibited extensively and has had solo shows in the Rovaniemi Art Museum, the Tromsö Art Museum and Galleria Sculptor in Helsinki.He is represented in the collections of The Finnish State Art Commission, the City of Rovaniemi and the Wihuri Foundation, Tom Engblom is the Lecturer of Sculpture at the University of Lapland, faculty of art and design.

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Jaana Erkkilä

Taiteilijana ajattelen ennen kaikkea muodoissa ja väreissä, ja luotan taiteen tekemisessä intuitioon. Taiteen tekeminen vaatii taitoa mutta myös intuitiivista tietoa siitä, milloin antaa teoksen ottaa ohjat ja viedä taiteilija ennestään tuntemattomiin paikkoihin….

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