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Merja Castrén and Anna-Kaisa Haanaho

DIVERSA NATURA is a joint exhibition by Artists Merja Castrén and Anna-Kaisa Haanaho. Exhibited artworks are mainly ceramics.

The exhibition focuses on human-nature connection. The health benefits of nature and human’s tendency to search for peaceful moments from nature are important aspects in the exhibition.

Exhibited artworks are bringing forward the Artists own experiences from Finnish nature. The sculptures in the gallery are having a dialogue with each other and at the same time inviting the viewer to be part of the connection and to have a peaceful experience and mindful moment.  Also some critical thoughts regarding nature’s diversity and human-nature connection lie behind the artworks.

Merja Castrén makes art mainly from ceramics, combining it with other materials such as wood, glass, metal and leather. She gets her inspiration from nature and especially from Lapland, which is like a second home for her. She creates new entities from different parts of nature, brings out the diversity of nature on a new scale and sets the viewer’s imagination in motion. Castrén has held both solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions both in Finland and abroad since 2015. She works in her ceramics studio at the Cable Factory in Helsinki and in her home studio in Siuntio. Her sculptures are part of HUS art collection and can be found in several private homes in Finland and abroad.

Anna-Kaisa Haanaho is an internationally oriented Finnish ceramic artist. She works in both artist residencies abroad as well as in her studio in Hämeenlinna Finland. Her working style is intuitive and experimental — she is intrigued in exploring the vast possibilities of clay by using both traditional and experimental working methods. Her greatest inspiration is often material based experimentation. Her works make visible different marks, mark making ways as well as processes of change. Haanaho has participated in several exhibitions in Finland and abroad since 2014. Her sculptures are part of many well known collections such as Finnish State Art Deposit Collection, Guldagergaard International Research Centers’ Collection as well as private collections both in Finland and abroad.

Arts Promotion Centre Finland has supported the exhibition.

The opening is from 6pm to 8pm on Friday, April 28th.
There’s no dress code. Come as you are. Welcome!

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