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Lundell, Riestola, Sirén, Vanhatapio – In Motion

Gallery Kellokas, from October 21 through December 6

In Motion – the changes of light and dark in Nordic nature

Depicting natural light is the unifying factor between the artists of this exhibition. Light can be soft or hard, and its changes can vary from quiet to dramatic. Carla Lundell’s breathing, porous paintings resonate with Kaisa Sirén’s airy, impressionistic photographs made using ICM technique. Anu Riestola reflects the severity of Lapland’s climate with her strong, contrasty paintings. Maija Vanhatapio examines and reduces curiously Nordic Landscape, its texture, colors and lights in her works.

Carla Lundell is a Helsinki-based painter, who has graduated from The Free Art School in Helsinki. She strives through painting and drawing for a space filled with acceptance and breathability. She uses different artistic materials and appreciates touch throughout the process.

Anu Riestola is a Kemi-based painter and visual artist. She paints and draws reduced, colorful and strong artworks and the subjects of her works vary from humans, animals and nature in general. Riestola is a member of the Finnish Painters Union.

Kaisa Sirén is a Rovaniemi-based photographic artist who brings her soul landscape visible with Intentional Camera Movement using sceneries of Lapland as her backdrop. Kaisa is a co-founder of ICMP Photomag Network Community and ICM Photo Academy, and she teaches courses on ICM photography, both in person and online.

Maija Vanhatapio is a visual and graphic artist who lives and works in Kajaani. She is a member of the Artist Association of Oulu 63. She has held many private exhibitions, as well as attending many group exhibitions every year. Her work is also widely exhibited in several Art Publications and galleries online.

The opening of the exhibition will be on Friday the 20th of October from 2 to 4 p.m. Welcome!

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