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Jaakko Heikkinen – The Hermit

Gallery Napa, from October 21 through November 14

In my works, I focus on looking for a person in a moment as their human self. Of the moments in which I myself have been involved. A dialogue, an image, a memory and a feeling have arisen from the situation. My works are born as a result of situations experienced in the moment. I use the camera as a documenting the people and later work them into paintings.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, I have depicted people and peripheral phenomena in my works, and mainly people living on the margins. In my works, I deal with outsiderness and marginalization with its various phenomena.

The concept of marginalization has expanded to become more normal and mainstream in my own world of experience. Especially here in Kainuu’s backwoods we have displaced ourselves already by choosing to live in the periphery and far from the services offered by society.

The exhibition tells the story of a hermit, an anonymous person, with whom I share the experience of life in Kainuu periphery. The world of experience connects to my own life in many places. Memories and the present blend into a timeless experience of being. Sometimes you don’t know if we are living in the 1980s or where are we? There are few references to modern times in the hermit’s home, and living in a shadow zone area does not give the opportunity to use modern technology to create connections. The date of the newspaper says that it is the year 2023. Wild woods seem to be immune to changes in society. It is stronger than a human.

Opening of the exhibition at Gallery Napa on Friday the 20th of October, from 6 to 8 p.m.

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