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Jenni Toivonen – Hover over a pale blue

Hover over a pale blue describes a state of melancholic longing, formed by distance and isolation after a separation of two people.

The distance between one and another is projected onto the distance between one and a mountain – a reflection of the natural world and a figure to understand the impermanence of life. While mirroring the cycle of life and death, the work gives expression to experiences of love and loss, separation and reunion. In the form of a visual poem, it brings together reflections from a personal journey during a silent retreat in the mountains.

The clouds, the mountain and the ocean build a complementary circle, a meditation on the connectedness of life and an echo of the physical realities we hold in our bodies in relation to the time and space around us. Moments of contemplation contrast movement and images of fleeting landscapes reflect change and what is afar, out of reach. Through contradicting associations of summer, the work embraces transience in the beauty of life, bringing a ray of warmth to pale blue. Meanwhile the distance in between becomes a larger metaphor for life and the things we cannot control – creating a space to surrender to circumstance and to accept the fluidity and intangibility of time.

Contact info:

Instagram: jenvonen

Opening on Friday 28th of July at 6pm-8pm.
No dress code. Come as you are. Welcome!