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Mika Kiviniemi – Contemplators

The exhibition includes video and object installations, as well as kinetic sound sculptures. The works are playful attempts to liberate the discarded and deemed useless objects, from their narrow and limited purposes. As a result of this liberation, the objects have been shaped into a kind of apparatus reflecting on their own materiality and environment.

The purpose of many everyday objects and devices is really strictly limited, and they are suitable almost exclusively for one purpose only. I approach these objects as elements, that also guide us, the people who use them, to implement same kind of strict and limited actions. I have been influenced by Martin Heidegger’s idea of “Gelassenheit”, and the differences between calculating and meditative thinking. Many technological tools, devices and goods are the products that implement the Heidegger’s mentioned calculative way of thinking. They aim to respond to a concrete and immediate, measurable need or problem. My goal has been to change the essence of devices and things, making them a kind of objects of contemplative thought; things that unfold into their surroundings without a preconceived purpose.


Mika Kiviniemi is a performance and media artist living in Oulu. His background is in the field of performing arts, but in recent years Kiviniemi has produced installation and media art works both alone and as part of a work group. In his artistic work, Kiviniemi examines new ways and perspectives from behind and from within phenomena: he disassembles, assembles, separates and combines things in search of surprising connections. The nature of the works can often be found in the combinations of different media, techniques and starting points, as well as in the realizations that occur around new things. Kiviniemi graduated in 2022 from Aalto University’s Visual Cultures Curating and Contemporary Art master’s program. His first solo exhibitions were seen in 2022.

The opening is from 6pm to 8pm on Friday, March 31st.
There’s no dress code. Come as you are. Welcome!

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