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Workshop on sense of Arctic

Welcome to the workshop in the exhibition “Wiping the Ice-Cream Off Your Face” in the Gallery Valo on 11th August at 2pm. The workshop is held by artist-designer Alina Korotovskaya. The idea is to create a personalized humanised version of the Arctic. Participants will paint a paper doll according to their vision of arctic and arctic issues, the process of visualisation and conversation about it will help to put into words their concerns and hopes and share them with others. Workshop will be held in English and Finnish and Russian will be spoken in aid. Online participation is possible too. 

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The workshop is part of the project ”’De-arcticfication’ in Nordic Arts” funded by the Nordic Cultural Fund, The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, the Nordic Institute of Greenland, the University of Lapland and the Artists Association of Lapland. The Arctic Culture Lab is a collaboration partner.