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Young Arctic Artists 2023 – Välissä / In-Between

The 5th edition of the “Young Arctic Artists” exhibition series, a group exhibition titled “Välissä — In-Between” will be exhibited in gallery Napa and Studio Mustanapa from August 26th to September 19th 2023. The opening of the exhibition will be held on Saturday, August 26th at 18-20 in Gallery Napa. Welcome!

The first Young Arctic Artists exhibition was organized in 2016, and the current edition is the fifth one in the series. The project is produced by the Artists’ Association of Lapland. The curators, producers and coordinators of the exhibition have been Savu E. Korteniemi and Panu Johansson, both are also members of the artists’ association. The third member of the curator group and the invited guest curator is Tornedalian artist Ida Isak Westerberg from Sweden.

One of the Young Arctic Artists exhibition series’ main goals is to involve the peoples of the Arctic in planning and implementing each exhibition project. This year in the curatorial work a special emphasis has been placed on the perspective of Sweden’s meänkieli-speaking minority, which can be seen, among other things, in the exhibition’s theme “Välissä – In-Between”. However, the exhibition application process was open to all young arctic artists.

The participants of the Young Arctic Artists 2023 exhibition are under the age of 36 and from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Greenland, Canada and the Faroe Islands. The works of the exhibition address the theme “Välissä – In-Between” extensively: a lot of different techniques are on display, from textile works to media installations. During the opening night, a live performance piece by Swedish artist Eva Svaneblom will also be presented at Gallery Napa.

Young Arctic Artists 2023 selected artists are

  • Laura Hodgins (CAN)
  • Alda Mohr Eyðunardóttir (FO)
  • Alberte Parnuuna (GL)
  • Sophie Berenika Broch (NOR)
  • Astrid Ardagh (NOR)
  • Kurant9000 (NOR)
  • Jessica Segerberg (SWE)
  • Illusia Juvani (FIN)
  • Eva Svaneblom (SWE)

Young arctic Artists 2023 has been supported by

  • Nordic Culture Point
  • Kone Foundation
  • Barents Euro-Arctic Council
  • NAPA – The Nordic Institute in Greenland
  • The Finnish-Danish Cultural Foundation
  • The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Foundation
  • The Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation.

In addition the exhibition was made possible by the Barents Scholarship for Cultural Cooperation granted by the Barents Euro-Arctic Council.

We would like to kindly thank all our supporters!