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The Artists´Association of Lapland endorses the Arctic Arts Summit


The Artists´Association of Lapland contributes to the Arctic Arts Summit that is held in Rovaniemi in beginning of June 2019. The Young Arctic Artists exhibition, produced by the Association, will be opened in the Summit. The exhibition celebrates emerging young curators and artists from the Arctic. Media artist Ninni Korkalo and Panu Johansson, have selected a diverse artists and artworks from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia and Canada. The participants of the Summit and other guests are invited to the opening of the exhibition on Tuesday 4th June.

The Artists´ Association hosts one of the panel discussions in the Summit under the theme of Creative Capability Building. The discussion is based on expectations of growing creative sector as an alternative economy for industrial use of natural resources as well as on challenges of art as livelihood in Arctic. The Arctic circumstance, such as long distances and multicultural realities call for special attention to arts management. The big private and public customers who buy art and share fundings are often located in centers in the South, outside of the Arctic. In the panel discussion we ponder if art managers and digital channels can support artists´ career in the North? We also ask, if it is possible to establish regional art markets in Arctic regions where the maker's culture is strong and audiences might not be used to buying arts and crafts from artists? The chair of the panel discussion is the chairperson of the Association, Maria Huhmarniemi. The discussion is part of the wider project Art2World aiming to develop art managers work in Finnish Lapland.

Registratio to the Arctic Arts Summit 2019  is still open.


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