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The Association goes to the Stockholm Independent Art Fair


Artists´ Association of Lapland will participate the Supermarket Independent Art Fair in February 2013. We present recent artworks by five artists: Helena Junttila, Kaija Kiuru, Outi Pieski, Hanna Kanto and Essi Korva. They are members of the Artists´Association of Lapland.

We hope to raise discussion on sense of place in art, and themes connected to periphery. Lapland is a geographically large region. The distances are long, and it is fairly common that there is just one artist in a village or a small town in Lapland. The Artists’ Associations of Lapland is an important forum for these artists offering collegial networks, recreation, meetings, and possibilities to participate in joint projects and exhibitions. Especially, the international networks of the Association are important for many of our members.

Artists in Lapland have the Arctic nature as their everyday environment affecting on their art. In addition the rich cultural history, beliefs, and myths are also interrupted and presented by artists in generation after generation—always by new means of expression. Artists in Lapland live in a distinct culture and create unique art. Still many of them deal with universal themes such as humanity.

We would like to find out, if art made in Lapland, is interesting for international art community and audience.

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Stockholm Independent Art Fair