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Openings on 1.12.2012


The Artists´Association of Lapland proudly presents new gallery spaces in Rovaniemi! Welcome to the opening ceremony on Saturday 1.12.2012 at 5pm at Valtakatu 26!

Gallery Napa, hosted by the Artists´Association of Lapland, is newly renovated and plentiful with lots of light.

The opening exhibitions are by Riikka Jokiaho, “Tässä lähellä – tuolla kaukana”, in Gallery Napa, and by Minna Rainio and Mark Roberts, ”Some we kept, some we threw back”, in Studio Mustanapa.

The new gallery will also host the art lending service and the office of The Artists´Association of Lapland and the Performing Arts Centre Lapland LETKE.

More information: 

Riikka Jokiaho,  riikka.jokiaho(at) 

Minna Rainio, minnarainio(at)