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ARTSWAP is an exchange program with artists from Brabant/the Netherlands and artists from Finnish Lapland. These professionals go abroad to do their artistic practice for a period of 1-3 months in a new environment. The first ARTSWAP will take place in 2014. Three Dutch artists will swap with three Finnish artists. The participa-ting artists will form couples and they will change their homes and studios with the foreign couples. They don’t just swap environments simultaneously, they also get the opportunity to utilize each other’s network and social infrastructures. They are introduced into the other artist’s life. A documentary will follow the process all through the project and at the end of the exchange the results and artworks will be exhibited in both countries.
We are looking artists for ARTSWAP projects:

1.Pop-Up Art Space:
The artists focus on developing an artwork/art concept that is related to a specific shopping area and its shopping public. It is an exhibition space where the results of the project can be shown, but it can also form a platform for products, new concept for new economic impulses, display for upcoming artists that match the project and activities related to the other categories of the project.
Location: pop-up shop in the centre area of Den Bosch and Rovaniemi using vacant shops or public spaces
- We are looking for one artist from Finnish Lapland and one from Brabant Netherlands
- Schedule: Exchange October – December 2014
- Need for the project: Innovate team with experience on building scenes, exhibitions and making a new concept. Working experience in commercial and public space.
2.Social Art
The participating artists focus on developing new projects that relate to binding people by exploring community art, cultural differences, cultural clichés, problem solving through art and the society in general.
Location: the artists will work from their assigned district/workshop in Den Bosch and Rovaniemi as they switched. The artists who switch, will be linked to a local artist who also works with this social theme so that the connection with the local population is encouraged.
- We are looking for one artist from Finnish Lapland and one from Brabant Netherlands
- Schedule: Exchange July - September 2014
- Need for the project: Artists with good communicative skills, enthusiastic and encouraging to get participators, networked in social art scene, ready to work in the site, critical mind set concerning cultural and social structures.
3.Environmental Art
The participating artists focus on developing new projects by exploring the connection between nature and environment. Comparing present- day Finnish/Lapland landscape with the Dutch/Brabants landscape, focusing on the region around Den Bosch and Rovaniemi.
- We are looking for one artist from Finnish Lapland and one from Brabant Netherlands
- Schedule: Exchange April- June 2014
- Need for the project: Artists interested in the connecting area’s between rural and urban and wanting to explore this specific area. Artists interested having a dialogue with another artist, finding differences and similarities between the cultures in this case. Critical mindset towards rural and urban developments.

Main location in the Netherlands Brabant
Den Bosch is situated in the province Noord-Brabant and is the main Dutch location for the exchange program. Den Bosch, together with four other cities (Eindhoven, Breda, Helmond and Tilburg) is nominated to become European Cultural Capital in
2018: Eindhoven 2018. Because of its central position Den Bosch is a gateway to other regions in The Netherlands, but also for the rest of Europe.

Main location in Finnish Lapland
Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland in Finland, located at the northern Arctic Cicle. Lying at the junction of North and South on the border to the Arctic, Rovaniemi has become a modern town, full of life with its own unique characteristics. It has the status of trade centre and also is an international centre of tourism. The population base of the province itself, outside of customers and tourism, are all aspects that contribute to the growth of purchasing power in the region. The local know-how regarding the experience industry is at the top level of the European scale.

Application dead line 15th October 2013
Selection of artists 15th of November 2013
Working period from November 2013 – December 2014
Exhibition and Pop - Up shop November - December 2014

Artists are responsible for their own insurances.

The ARTSWAP organisation will pay travel costs. Accommodation will be in the artist homes. Project includes Artist fee. ARTSWAP project is applying funding from different sources. Artists should be prepared to apply funding for themselves also.

Artists from Finnish Lapland and artists from Brabant area in Netherlands

PLEASE SEND US: Artist statement, CV and a Project plan (max. 200 words and some pictures from earlier works) also tell us what project theme interests you and why. Send complete application as PDF.

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