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How to Read in the Dark -näyttely shown in Joensuu


The 'How to Read in the Dark' exhibition is curated by Tanel Rander from Estonia. Is is a representative sample of contemporary art and artists in Lapland, from the Southernmost towns to the Northernmost village of Utsjoki. The exhibition brings together various generations of artists, both old and new members of the Association, such as Eero Kumpula, an 80-year old founding member. The chosen media of the artists represents the scope of contemporary art. There are painters, sculptors, graphic artists, video and media-artists, performance-artists, and installation and community artists. 'How to Read in the Dark' is as interesting and multi-faceted as magical Lapland and the contemporary art to be found here.

We have developed a strategy for international activities as part of the 'How to Read in the Dark' project, which is led by our art manager Merja Briñón. We aim to get long term partners in the international art world and thus support our artists on their path to reaching out abroad. Exporting art is a principal objective of the Association with the aim of creating new work opportunities for Artists in Lapland.

On behalf of the Artists Association of Lapland, I would like to thank the partners and sponsors of the exhibition. 


Merja Briñón
John Court
Tom Engblom 
Anssi Hanhela
Irina Havaste-Ukkola
Markku Heikkilä
Helena Junttila
Ninni & Tuomas Korkalo
Eero Kumpula
Kalle Lampela
Esa Meltaus
Sauli Miettunen 
Pirkko Mäkelä-Haapalinna
Outi Pieski
Mark Roberts & Minna Rainio
Elina Sipilä
Kari Tuisku
Juhani TuominenExhibition spaces

Joensuu Art Museum ONNI
22nd January - 15th March 2015
Vernissage Wed 21st January at 6-8 pm
Open Tue, Thu-Sun 11 am - 4 pm, Wed 11 am - 8 pm
Kirkkokatu 23, Joensuu, Finland
Tel. +358 13 337 5388

Tartu Art Hall
8th - 31st May 2015
Vernissage Thurs 7th May at 12-18 pm
Open Wed-Mon 12-18 pm
Vanemuise 26, Tartu, Estonia
Tel: +372 742 7671

20th June - 26th July 2015
Vernissage Fri 19th Jun at 6-8 pm
Open Wed - Sat 2-6 pm
Fichtestraße 2, Berlin, Germany
 (Underground: Südstern) 
Tel. +49 176 8106 9142

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