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Anu Riestola

Artist of the Month (March 2024) of the Artists’ Association of Lapland…

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Häkkinen & Vaarala – SUPERNOVA II

Lappia Hall ground floor lobby

Elsa Häkkinen's and Sannu Vaarala's work "SUPERNOVA – light heavier than iron" conveys the warmth and light of the stars into the fading darkness of the beginning of the year. The work is a recycled textile installation realized using the methods of textile art, a textile mural that opens up to the viewer in layers, stopping to examine the views that open up from it.

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Miia Mäkinen

Artist of the Month (February 2024) of the Artists’ Association of Lapland…

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Draper, Kweitel & Tanner – Broken Telephone(s)

Studio Mustanapa

This project started from a shared experience: loss. In 2020 the three of us lost our fathers. We live in three different countries that could be thought of as different cultures, but this emptiness surpasses our own stories to become the stories of many. By combining narratives from various sources, including our own accounts, we lend an ear to those no longer present.

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Henri Tuominen – Red apple tree

Gallery Napa

One of the inspirations for Henri Tuominen's latest works has been the Finnish word kuolinpesä, which combines the words death and nest. These words evoke contrasting images: one connected to the unknown, emptiness and the end of everything, while the other brings to mind warmth, home, and safety. The exhibition introduces abstract and expressive works that explore themes of beginning, growth, end, and continuity within the confines of everyday life.

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