Principles of Safer Space

We encourage the members of The Artists’ Association of Lapland, users of gallery spaces and other participants to work towards principles of equality and justice. These principles of safer space ensure that everyone can participate as themselves.

  • Gallery is a public space. Contribute to creating a good atmosphere through your actions.
  • Respect privacy. Encounters and interactions between clients and artists are confidential. Remember that you cannot assume someone’s identity, experiences, values, life situation or abilities based on their appearance. No one’s experiences can be generalized to apply to others. Do not assume someone’s gender or sexual orientation.
  • Respect everyone’s right to define the words they want to be used when referring to them. Give space. Try to make sure that everyone has an equal chance to participate in the conversation.
  • Respect personal space. Remember, you can’t know other people’s boundaries without asking them. No means no.
  • Try to speak in such a manner, that everyone feels included. We strive to use language that doesn’t shut anyone out. Do not use disparaging or othering language.
  • It is the responsibility of each and every participant to maintain a safer space. Problematic language or actions warrant an intervention.
  • Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. If you offend someone, even if it was by mistake, apologize, instead of trying to downplay your behaviour.