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Participants of the Young Arctic Artists 2021 for the Rovaniemi edition have been selected:

Alina Belyagina (RUS) & Amie Jammeh (SWE / GM)
Johannes Heikkilä (FIN)
Åsne Kummeneje Mellem (NO / Kven)
Olga Krüssenberg (SWE)
Henna Mattila (FIN)
Annika Sellik (NO / Iisakumaa)
M. Seppola Simonsen (NO / Kven)
Maiya Syrstad Jerijervi (NO / Kven)
Karin Keisu and Josse Thuresson (SWE / Meänmaa)
Ida Isak Westerberg (SWE / Meänmaa)

Curatorial theme for the Young Arctic Artists 2021 is “FIGHT”. This theme has been created from the Kven viewpoint. However, all the young artists whose roots are in the arctic area and cultures have been welcome to submit their proposal through the open call.
The exhibition is runned by Artists’ Association of Lapland.
Members of curatorial team are Savu Korteniemi (FIN), Panu Johansson (FIN), Åsne Kummeneje Mellem (NO / Kven) ja Katriina Pedersen (NO / Kven).
Rovaniemi edition will be exhibited in Gallery Napa and city space from 4th of September till 28th of September 2021.
The time, place and the participants of YAA 2021 Norwegian edition will be confirmed later.

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