Kaikki tapahtumat

She Is The Forest – Craft and Feminism Workshop

19.11.2021 klo 15 – 18 | Galleria Napa

This workshop will be encouraged to provide a safe space for Women and LGBT people where we can talk about Ecofeminism, Poetry and Nature, while creating an individual mask-piece and a group poetry inspired by these concepts. All the materials for the activity will be provided, including free coffee, tea and snacks for the evening.The workshop will be held in english, all backgrounds, nationalities and ages are welcome. No artistic experience required.

This workshop is part of the series of activities supported by the Arts Promotion Center, Taike, as part of the grant I received recently.

If you feel that you or a friend of yours could enjoy this, send me a message!

To register for this workshop send an e-mail to: