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Michael Marnin Jacobs


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Lapinkävijäntie 4
96100 Rovaniemi
Avoinna joka päivä 11-18 

Reflection & Transliteration

Four small exhibitions in four weeks that explore mysteries in the photographic language and in The Year of light*. 
A world that photography reveals in a picture is not a quote from that world but a transliteration in need of personal translation. We can see light and yet it can’t be held. Through photography we can get a physical, holdable object that is still only a transliteration of the light we saw. That captured light does not come to us decoded. It has inventory that requires our life experience, short or long, to unravel its clues. And throughout all this we still have doubt about what we see and capture.
I have here on paper what has been slowly finding its way onto film and sensor during these past years. My approach to this set of ‘chamber’ exhibitions is as a working process, a challenge and a mining of ideas to help open a path towards expanding my photographic vocabulary.
Part 1) Physiono-tree traces  and sketch tracing composites from a forest’s witness to massacre (1944, Poland). Completed.
Part 2) In the dark and light of simple things.
Part 3) Forgotten places on the map.
Part 4) Towards a future in the present from the past and/or towards a past in the present from the future. 
Exhibition dates:
Part 1) 1.1.-10.1.2015
Part 2) 11.1.-18.1.2015
Part 3) 19.1.-24.1.2015
Part 4) 25.1.-29.1.2015
*UNESCO Year of light, 2015